On Teaching

Let me share with you something personal (as if I haven’t been sharing personal tidbits of my life in my #traveling posts!). Outside of this blog, when I’m not traveling or writing about makeup and my skincare purchases, one of my real life responsibilities is I actually teach at university.

Okay, I’m making it way bigger than what it really is. I teach part time in our department in the university. Part time, because I am still in the process of getting my masters degree, so while I’m doing my thesis, I am also handling at most two classes every semester.

During my first week of teaching, instructors were supposed to inform the students if they are planning to accept any more students in their class, so I posted an announcement in the college group. Only a few people commented something relevant to the actual post, and majority of the comments were from my friends, org mates, previous professors, etc, and they were all shocked that I posted as an instructor.

I was quite offended by how shocked they were, so I asked another friend, “Do I not look like someone who’d be an instructor?” to which my friend answered, if he didn’t know that I had plans to teach, he would be shocked himself. So I shouldn’t take it too personally.

Looking back, I don’t really remember why I wanted to teach. I just realized before graduating that I wanted to get a masters degree so I can go and pursue a career in the academe. It’s like I have just decided that that’s what I’m gonna do. I couldn’t really tell you why I wanted to teach, even now. But it’s one of the few saving graces that I’ve had in my life. I might not want to get out of bed on some days, but I remember never missing a teaching day.

It wasn’t the ultimate solution to what I went through, and I’ve had a phase where I didn’t want to go to class to teach. But it was and still is enough to keep me going. It had been a real lifesaver to not think about my problems for a while and focus on this responsibility. Until now, whenever I feel like I want to quit studying for my postgraduate degree or even take a break, I always remember my why, and my why is that I want to teach. Now that I’ve found what I want to do, the only thing left is to do everything to achieve this goal. Fighting!!! 😊 #

Love, Lady 💛

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