Setting expectations

Hey. I’m Lady. Yes, that is my real and actual name.

This is by no means a fashion blog, a skincare blog, a travel blog, a photography blog, a self-improvement blog, or what have you. I’d like to call this my life blog, which includes maybe a lot if not all of the aforementioned things, and this post serves as a reminder to myself on why I’ve started this in the first place.

For all the times I wanted to share something but I’ve been paralyzed with fear of what my friends and acquaintances might think: why is she sharing this? is she qualified to say this? is she trying to be an influencer? this is weird and not at all consistent with what she’s usually posting. girl, nobody’s asking. what’s wrong with her today?

This is a place for my thoughts, the things and places and people that I love, my life realizations, the chronicling of my growth and healing, and some answers to questions I would like people to ask.

This is a bigger and more personal piece of my heart.

Welcome to my blog!